DO | Reduce Your Plastic Usage

With the continuing proof that plastic is doing a rather large disservice to our ecosystem, it is important that we, as individuals, do what we can do reduce our reliance on plastic. It seems like an overwhelming task until you realize every single one of us can have a meaningful impact when we reduce the use of single-use plastic in our daily lives.

Once you are aware of the prevalence of plastic it’s hard to escape it. Being a parent gives me a microscope into the world of plastics – children’s toys are a big source. But look around – cleaning bottles, computers and accessories, jewelry, bathroom products, shoes, toys, light switches, smoke detectors… it doesn’t end.

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DO | Origami Bows

Last year I wrote a post on ways to reduce holiday spending. One of those ways was to streamline your gift wrapping. I enjoy the look of brown kraft paper with a colorful origami bow.

In addition to using the massive roll of brown kraft paper I purchased a year or so ago (so I’d never run out of inexpensive wrapping paper), I also started prepping my origami bows out of magazine pages earlier this year. I knew I would have a newborn during this holiday time and wanted to reduce the amount of time I spent doing pretty much anything. Now I’m ready to wrap and I’m happy I had some forethought to make my holidays easier.

The bows are simple to make once you get the hang of it and add they a unique touch to your gifts.

Have fun and happy holidays!


DO | Recycling Hard-To-Recycle Items

Before my daughter was born, I was tasked with turning our guest room into a baby’s room and turning my office into a guest room. That meant giving myself the difficult task of getting rid of close to 50% of what I had stored in my office – wedding invitations from years past, tons of pages of magazines, newspaper clippings from high school, and a whole bunch of stuff that looked great under the lid of a pretty box.

In addition to the paper items, which were easy to discard, I had a menagerie of other things, including a pile of electronics that no longer worked or were compatible with anything we currently used. Plus, I had a second generation IBM computer which I had asked the previous homeowners to leave with me because it reminded me of the one I grew up using. Once I tried to use it, however, I learned it didn’t get past the initial screen and I didn’t have a new boot disk. At that point it was simply a very heavy door stop.

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