DO | Get What You Want

When you make a purchase online or in store, most retailers want to ensure your satisfaction. This means they have easy return policies, price adjustment policies, and helpful customer representatives. Big box stores (some of my favorites as you’ll see below are Target and Amazon) can afford to not do these things, but know they’ll benefit more in the long run from having happy customers. Smaller businesses can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to provide excellent service to their customers because the future of their business depends on it.

It also depends on you, the consumer, to let them know when they’ve done things that aren’t up to your satisfaction. This isn’t to be nit-picky – this is to let them know when their products aren’t doing what they should, or their staff isn’t doing what they should, and both of those things are important if they’d like to have you as a customer again.

As a side note, I must throw a big blanket apology out there to everyone I ever served in the retail world when I didn’t or couldn’t give them what they wanted. In my heart I usually wanted to (unless they were nasty), but I also wanted to keep my job and that meant complying with some pretty awful store policies. I’m sorry you wasted your money on those products and were unable to get satisfaction when you came to me for help.

Just in the last few weeks I’ve had multiple experiences with products where the product I purchased did not arrive as it should have, didn’t stand up to normal wear and tear as it should have, or changed prices.

Now, getting what you want in general is important, but for the purpose of this post this is only referring to the retail realm of this world. Since I’m a consumer almost daily in one way or another, it’s also important for me to know I have a chance to voice my opinion and get things righted.

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HOME | Kitchen Gifts I Love

Our house sometimes seems like a hotel as we regularly host guests from all over the country. Gifts or payment are never expected, though we have, however, had some friends bring or send us gifts which were a surprise but greatly appreciated.

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BABY | Product Review – Pack ‘n Play

When I was putting together my baby registry, I had to choose products that I’d never used before. I’d barely even seen half of these things in person. As I mentioned in my first timer’s baby registry post, I go by looks, price, and reviews when choosing an item that’s new to me.

Sometimes you think you make a wise choice. And sometimes, after some experience, you realize you could have made a wiser choice.

Such is the case with our pack ‘n play. I chose a nice one at a decent price. It works just fine. It does what it’s suppose to do. But after using a different brand (that was a good deal cheaper), I find I should have asked around a bit more before making a decision.

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