DO | Surviving an IKEA kitchen remodel

We moved into a fixer-upper almost 4 years ago. We put in a lot of sweat equity during the first year. Every¬†surface¬†on the first floor was touched – flooring, paint, trim, doors, electrical, plumbing, you name it – except for the kitchen. You’d walk in the front door, see the updated living and dining rooms, turn down the hall to the baths and bedrooms and see all the bright clean rooms. But on your way back, you’d peer past the dining room into the kitchen and oooh-eee! It was a 70’s dream come true, and unfortunately not in a fun, disco sort of way.

The original builder kitchen, full of soffits and dark wood cabinets, was functional, but begging for an update. Since we’d spent a huge chunk of money on the rest of the first floor, we were waiting until we couldn’t stand it any longer. Or until the cabinets fell apart. Whichever came first.

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DO | Chevron Pallet Table

Pallet Table

I like to work with wood. My grandfather was an architect and carpenter, my dad always worked with his hands and built things for me. Growing up, I had my dad’s tools at my disposal. Then I had tools at school (which, as an adult now, I wish I’d utilized more fully when I had access to them!). And now I have tools of my own. Not as complete a set as I’d like, but enough to do some fun things. This project had a good finish but a few lessons learned. Hopefully this will help you if you want to go down this path too. Continue reading

HOME | Wood Floor Installation

Wood Floor

When we moved into our fixer-upper home, it had a beautiful lake of teal carpet throughout the entire first floor, including the bathrooms.

We wanted wood floors – no question. Turns out there were a lot of things I was unaware of – hopefully this information will help you out before you take the plunge!

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