DO | Surviving an IKEA kitchen remodel

We moved into a fixer-upper almost 4 years ago. We put in a lot of sweat equity during the first year. Every surface on the first floor was touched – flooring, paint, trim, doors, electrical, plumbing, you name it – except for the kitchen. You’d walk in the front door, see the updated living and dining rooms, turn down the hall to the baths and bedrooms and see all the bright clean rooms. But on your way back, you’d peer past the dining room into the kitchen and oooh-eee! It was a 70’s dream come true, and unfortunately not in a fun, disco sort of way.

The original builder kitchen, full of soffits and dark wood cabinets, was functional, but begging for an update. Since we’d spent a huge chunk of money on the rest of the first floor, we were waiting until we couldn’t stand it any longer. Or until the cabinets fell apart. Whichever came first.

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HOME | Linen Closet Organization

I’ve always had a penchant for organization. Sometimes it gets difficult in my own home because I get trapped in the day-to-day of things like closets or drawers.

When I visit other peoples’ homes, however, I see things with a different eye. Now that I’ve been organizing my own closets for a good decade and beyond, I see opportunities in their home that they may miss due to looking at it every day.

Case in point: the linen closet.

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HOME | Kitchen Gifts I Love

Our house sometimes seems like a hotel as we regularly host guests from all over the country. Gifts or payment are never expected, though we have, however, had some friends bring or send us gifts which were a surprise but greatly appreciated.

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HOME | Did It Work? Dawn + Vinegar Edition

A few weeks ago, my aunt sent an email forward highlighting the “amazing powers of Blue Dawn.” Also a few weeks ago, a fellow blogger tried the Blue Dawn + Vinegar combination to clean her bathtub. She was happy with the results.

Not being one to jump into things (ok who am I kidding), I sat on this so-called miracle solution until I was sick of looking at my bathtub and ready to give it a try.

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HOME | Breakfast For Overnight Guests

My aunt is an incredible hostess. She has great style, intuition, and always has things perfect down to the last detail. It’s no wonder I soak up as much knowledge from her as possible when I am at one of her events!

One of her skills is putting out a great breakfast spread with minimal effort. I have taken many notes on this process and am happy to share them with you. Continue reading

EAT | Hosting a Spring Brunch

Spring is right around the corner! Most of us are pretty tired of this winter weather (though honestly, I couldn’t handle a life without cold and snow), so planning a bright brunch might be just what you need to get you out of these doldrums. Yes, I just said doldrums.

One of my favorite holidays is Easter. It’s probably pretty sacrilegious, because for me, it’s absolutely all about the food. And by food, I generally mean the candy.

Case in point: One year, my grandmother asked me what I wanted for Easter. All I wanted was jelly beans. She bought me a hurricane-style vase filled to the brim with jelly beans. I had those for weeks! It was amazing. One year I think I might do the same thing to our bathtub.

Last year, I hosted an “orphan’s brunch” at our home for our friends who don’t have family in town. It was a major success! Here is what I did to set up this event: Continue reading