DO | Origami Bows

Last year I wrote a post on ways to reduce holiday spending. One of those ways was to streamline your gift wrapping. I enjoy the look of brown kraft paper with a colorful origami bow.

In addition to using the massive roll of brown kraft paper I purchased a year or so ago (so I’d never run out of inexpensive wrapping paper), I also started prepping my origami bows out of magazine pages earlier this year. I knew I would have a newborn during this holiday time and wanted to reduce the amount of time I spent doing pretty much anything. Now I’m ready to wrap and I’m happy I had some forethought to make my holidays easier.

The bows are simple to make once you get the hang of it and add they a unique touch to your gifts.

Have fun and happy holidays!



BE | On Resolutions

It’s 9pm on New Year’s Day, and I must say I had “resolved” once or twice in my own head (never committed in writing or verbally) that I would write a post today, and perhaps write them more frequently. And yes, it’s still today, but it’s late. And I’m multi-tasking. But a post about resolutions doesn’t have the same meaning if it comes out on the second, does it?

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GIFTS | Reducing Holiday Spending

Between my and my husband’s immediate families, we have 38 family members. If we gave gifts to everyone without imposing any limits, we would quickly become broke.

Here’s a few ways we keep our holiday spending down without leaving anyone out.

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HOLIDAYS | Donating Halloween Candy

It’s November 4th. By now you are probably sick of looking at all of the candy from Halloween that has invaded your house. I know I am, and I only had one bag of leftovers.

Luckily, there are places who will take these sweet treats off your hands.

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HOLIDAYS | Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Pumpkin Collage

The Teal Pumpkin Project was launched in 2014 by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) in order to promote education surrounding food allergies and how to be inclusive of those children on Halloween. I heard about it for the first time this year and wanted to participate. It cost me less than $10 and allows the children who come to my home for Trick-or-Treating to have a choice between candy or non-food items.

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EAT | Hosting a Spring Brunch

Spring is right around the corner! Most of us are pretty tired of this winter weather (though honestly, I couldn’t handle a life without cold and snow), so planning a bright brunch might be just what you need to get you out of these doldrums. Yes, I just said doldrums.

One of my favorite holidays is Easter. It’s probably pretty sacrilegious, because for me, it’s absolutely all about the food. And by food, I generally mean the candy.

Case in point: One year, my grandmother asked me what I wanted for Easter. All I wanted was jelly beans. She bought me a hurricane-style vase filled to the brim with jelly beans. I had those for weeks! It was amazing. One year I think I might do the same thing to our bathtub.

Last year, I hosted an “orphan’s brunch” at our home for our friends who don’t have family in town. It was a major success! Here is what I did to set up this event: Continue reading