DO | Origami Bows

Last year I wrote a post on ways to reduce holiday spending. One of those ways was to streamline your gift wrapping. I enjoy the look of brown kraft paper with a colorful origami bow.

In addition to using the massive roll of brown kraft paper I purchased a year or so ago (so I’d never run out of inexpensive wrapping paper), I also started prepping my origami bows out of magazine pages earlier this year. I knew I would have a newborn during this holiday time and wanted to reduce the amount of time I spent doing pretty much anything. Now I’m ready to wrap and I’m happy I had some forethought to make my holidays easier.

The bows are simple to make once you get the hang of it and add they a unique touch to your gifts.

Have fun and happy holidays!



DO | Traditional Anniversary Gifts

When my husband and I first got married almost five years ago, I didn’t give much thought to future anniversary gifts. I knew there were gifts you might give a couple for their big anniversaries – silver for their twenty-fifth, gold for their fiftieth – but I didn’t realize there were categories of gifts starting the first year.

The year we got married, one of my coworkers was celebrating his fifth anniversary with his wife and he asked me what he should get her. I started thinking of things, and when everything I came up with was nothing he was interested in, he mentioned they gave each other gifts that matched up to the traditional list of anniversary gifts and he was looking for something in the wood category.

I started looking things up, and learned there were not only “traditional” gifts to give, but also “contemporary” gifts.

This sparked my interest.

So, starting with our first anniversary, I have given my husband a gift that aligns with the “traditional” list. I don’t ask for gifts from him, nor do I expect him to do the same for me, but I like to give gifts and it’s more fun to think of creative ways to give items from the list.

Here is the Hallmark List which includes both traditional and modern gifts.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

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BABY | Books We Love 15 to 18 Months – Spanish/French

As I mentioned in my previous post, the last three months have been chock full of books at story time. We mostly read in English, but also read in Spanish (and our one French book too).

Here are the Spanish and French language books that she’s loving lately.

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BABY | Books We Love 15 to 18 months – English

Story time these last three months has been filled with a LOT of books. Like, 20 minutes of stories each night. And while we have approximately 100 books on the bookshelf, we usually read the same ones over and over.

I’ve been reading to her in both English and Spanish (with a French book thrown in), but to keep the post manageable, here are my daughter’s favorite English language books during her 15-18 months.

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GIFTS | Reducing Holiday Spending

Between my and my husband’s immediate families, we have 38 family members. If we gave gifts to everyone without imposing any limits, we would quickly become broke.

Here’s a few ways we keep our holiday spending down without leaving anyone out.

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BABY | Helpful Items, 0-12mo Edition

I thought I was relatively well-prepared when it came to knowing what I’d need for my daughter. It turns out some of the best things we have used were things I didn’t ask for, or expect to need.

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