EAT | March Dinners

I know it’s May. I’m a bit behind. That’s actually a pretty accurate statement for my life in general right now. I mean, I spent yesterday finally filing emails that had been in my inbox for a few months (and this is from someone who usually keeps less than 25 emails in my inbox period), so as you can imagine writing about our dinners hasn’t exactly been top priority.

However. Now that I’ve gotten a lot of other little things off my list, here come the meals.

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EAT | January Dinners

Between me and my husband we have a laundry list of things we don’t or can’t eat. Then throw a toddler into the mix. This makes it difficult to feed all of us with one meal, so I usually end up making three different meals almost every night.

Last year I kept a basic record of what we ate for dinner for about five months straight. It helped me remember what we ate so I could keep from repeating dinners too frequently, and also gave me ideas of what to make when I’d forgotten some of the things we would eat.

I cook almost every night of the year so it’s helpful to keep our approved dinner options at hand. This year I will (try to) post a monthly “menu” when the month has finished of what we ate each night. It’ll help me remember what I made and remind me to better rotate our meals so we’re not eating the same thing week in and week out, and perhaps help you get some ideas too!

The list below is a basic explanation of our main course. Most nights there is also a cucumber/tomato salad for my husband, or something extra for me, and perhaps I’ll get more thorough as the months go on.

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EAT | No-Mess Bacon

I don’t eat bacon. It doesn’t mean I don’t make it for my family, or enjoy the smell of it, or reminisce about summers in Wisconsin when my grandmother would make bacon in the morning and the entire house would smell like bacon grease for hours…

I just don’t eat it.

But I’ve made it for years. And it’s not exactly the cleanest of things to make. Grease splatter everywhere, even if you use a grease screen… just not the prettiest thing in the world to clean up.

So when I learned how to make it the “clean” way, I was pretty excited.

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EAT | Did It Work? Reheating Pizza on the Stovetop

A few months ago I saw one of those “video recipes” on Facebook, but this one was a quick way to reheat pizza on the stovetop. “You’ll never use the oven again!” it claimed.

I made homemade pizza a few weeks ago and, the next day, decided to try this technique to see if it really was as quick and easy as the internet said it would be.

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EAT | My Favorite Remoulade

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be a chef for 3 days for our friends when my husband hosted an annual board meeting at our home. This was the only job I had to do (other than dishes), and I loved it. I was cooking on someone else’s dime and I was able to just focus on this all day long.

I pored through my recipe books looking for things I’d always wanted to try but didn’t have a big enough audience to think it was worth it. I had a wonderful few days of recipes planned out. And one of the best ones I’ve found (and very versatile) is this remoulade from Tyler Florence.

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