EAT | Watermelon Corn Mint Salad

The last few summers I’ve made a watermelon salad with corn and mint and a bunch of other things and it is a crowd-pleasing warm-weather salad. However, I never bookmark the recipe and usually waste a good chunk of time trying to find it again. I made this salad less than two weeks ago and I can neither remember the recipe nor find it immediately online.

Since I finally DID find it (here at House & Home), but I don’t follow it to a T, I decided to write it out my way so I can refer to this online blog-ary when I need to make it again.

Here you go. Make it. Enjoy it. You’re welcome.

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EAT | December Meals

Wow. Here we are at the end of December. Somehow I’ve made it through an entire year of tracking our meals on Post-its or teeny scraps of paper. I recorded some meals from memory, some immediately on the night of. It’s been strangely fun, although if you know me you’ll know I like to do weird things like this.

Now that the year is over I look forward to a few things in 2018:

  1. Going through 2017’s meals to get some analytics on what we ate and how often;
  2. Recording 2018’s meals more thoroughly and in a less stressful fashion (usually because I seemed to misplace the Post-it when the month was almost over, fearing I’d lost 25+ days of data);
  3. Getting a little more serious about meal-planning (because let’s be serious, I’m not going to do it every week);
  4. Making some goals for the kitchen (like adding a few more things to my repertoire like homemade veggie burgers);
  5. And learning new recipes to add to our monthly menus.

Here’s to December and a Happy New Year!

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EAT | November Dinners

As I’m typing these all at once, it reads like we’re eating the same things over and over. Of course, at the time every 24 hours seems like a lot to come up with new meals and standbys are easy and quick.

I think January will also bring about a new attempt at meal planning. I’ve done it before and it’s so helpful – I just need to KEEP doing it. Always the hard part, right?

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EAT | September Dinners

Guys. It’s December. Almost January. I haven’t posted dinners in almost 4 months. Somehow I’ve saved all of the notes, though, so here goes. Another fast and furious quarter of what we ate.

Truth be told (though if you know me you’re not surprised) I’m excited to take the entire year’s worth of data and see how it breaks down. How many nights we ordered in, how many nights we had pizza, how many nights we had the same old same old…

This year I feel like I added a lot of new meals to my repertoire, but I’m feeling the need to do that again. And, does anyone else feel heavier at the end of the year? Not weight wise, but overall body and spirit? I feel like January is always a jump start for fresh, clean eating and lifestyle overhauls. It’s a good starting point. Not necessarily a “resolution” persay, but a deadline to begin some changes.

We’ll see what happens in a week or two here. Until then, here’s the meals.

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EAT | August Dinners

Phew. I thought I was going to have to skip August. My little post-it notes (that I keep record on) disappeared and since I find it difficult to recall what we had for dinner a few days ago, I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember an entire month. But, lucky me (and you!), they had just fallen behind into another drawer.

In the last few months I ditched my dairy-free diet restriction since it wasn’t bothering my son anymore, so most meals now include cheese or some sort of milk product in the recipe. At the end of these months, after once again eating all the dairy I’ve ever wanted, I remembered why being dairy-free feels so good. After this holiday season is over (and I have baked everything on this planet with real butter), I might put myself on a semi-dairy-free diet. I love dairy, but it doesn’t always love me back. I should probably be an adult and learn how to control my intake. 🙂

Enjoy the list, and I’ll try to not enjoy dairy so much.

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EAT | Homemade Mac + Cheese

(This intro is long. But down there (somewhere) is the recipe.)

I like macaroni and cheese. It’s true. There. I said it. I always have, and I imagine I always will. Unfortunately, as it’s not the most low-calorie meal, so does my daughter.

Last summer when I was pregnant with my son, I made mac and cheese almost every day because not only did my daughter eat it and ask for seconds, but I could also finish the pot and we wouldn’t have leftovers. I was absolutely acting as the best martyr I could and well if that involved taking one for the team and eating all the rest of the macaroni then by golly I was going to do it. I was making Kraft, Velveeta, Annie’s, whatever I could get my hands on. When I was out, I made it from scratch. I was (am, let’s be honest) a cheese addict.

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