HOME | Did It Work? Dawn + Vinegar Edition

A few weeks ago, my aunt sent an email forward highlighting the “amazing powers of Blue Dawn.” Also a few weeks ago, a fellow blogger tried the Blue Dawn + Vinegar combination to clean her bathtub. She was happy with the results.

Not being one to jump into things (ok who am I kidding), I sat on this so-called miracle solution until I was sick of looking at my bathtub and ready to give it a try.

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DO | Updating Classic Side Chairs

Side Chair Main

I love Mid-Century Modern furniture. When my friend offered up 4 of these lovely side chairs for FREE, I jumped at the chance to have them. They were in need of a little TLC, and Husband didn’t necessarily see the value in them, but I did, and schlepped them back to our townhouse so I could tackle them once we made our cross-country move. Continue reading

DO | Animal Topped Jars

Candy Jar Tutorial

Last Easter, I made an epic giveaway for my guests. I had one of these at each adult seat (I made baskets for the kids) and their 30+ year old eyes brightened like never before. These can be made for dollars a piece and are so worth it when you’re finished. Continue reading

DO | Chevron Pallet Table

Pallet Table

I like to work with wood. My grandfather was an architect and carpenter, my dad always worked with his hands and built things for me. Growing up, I had my dad’s tools at my disposal. Then I had tools at school (which, as an adult now, I wish I’d utilized more fully when I had access to them!). And now I have tools of my own. Not as complete a set as I’d like, but enough to do some fun things. This project had a good finish but a few lessons learned. Hopefully this will help you if you want to go down this path too. Continue reading

DO | Giving Money

CMG Cover

One of my friends in my office is having twins, and for her office baby shower, we were given her registry list. Being in the registry mindset again myself, and knowing they had a lot to prepare for, I thought I’d ask the mom-to-be which she’d prefer: A gift from the registry, a gift card to a store on her registry, or money.

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