EAT | Did It Work? Reheating Pizza on the Stovetop

A few months ago I saw one of those “video recipes” on Facebook, but this one was a quick way to reheat pizza on the stovetop. “You’ll never use the oven again!” it claimed.

I made homemade pizza a few weeks ago and, the next day, decided to try this technique to see if it really was as quick and easy as the internet said it would be.

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BABY | Did It Work? Cradle Cap Edition

Cradle Cap

When my daughter had a flaky baby scalp, I learned it was called “cradle cap.” My mother-in-law calls it “cradle crap” which is more accurate, but nonetheless, I wanted to get rid of it.

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HOME | Did It Work? Dawn + Vinegar Edition

A few weeks ago, my aunt sent an email forward highlighting the “amazing powers of Blue Dawn.” Also a few weeks ago, a fellow blogger tried the Blue Dawn + Vinegar combination to clean her bathtub. She was happy with the results.

Not being one to jump into things (ok who am I kidding), I sat on this so-called miracle solution until I was sick of looking at my bathtub and ready to give it a try.

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