BE | On Mother’s Day

On my first, technical, Mother’s Day, I was about 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter. I remember feeling torn between celebrating and not, mostly because I was pretty anxious with my first pregnancy and didn’t want anything to jinx it. My all-knowing husband was aware of my feelings and when I made a passing comment to him as to why he didn’t get me a card he echoed my sentiments to the effect of “I figured you wouldn’t want to celebrate just yet.” To be fair, there was enough celebrating the pending arrival of the first grandchild.

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BABY | Books We Love 12-18 mos

“Baby” number 2 has books he loves too! Here are the ones he really enjoyed these last six months.

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TODDLER | Books We Love 3YO – Q3 (Spanish too!)

Well it’s been a long time since my last regular post (Jan 1, ahem) so let’s get back on track. I’m a month+ late with this one (oops) but, life intervenes sometimes. Guests, a month of sickness, doctor’s appointments, traveling, and holidays… lots to do.

In the meantime, I have continued to read lots and lots of books. Good thing. I recently learned about researchers Betty Hart and Todd Risley at the University of Kansas and their research on children’s language development. They followed 42 families of different socio-economic backgrounds and recorded every word they said, for one hour per month, over two and a half years. They determined that the number of words the children heard was the most interesting variable as to their vocabulary development by age 3.

They found that babies need to hear 21,000 words a day, or 2,100 words an hour, to have a bigger vocabulary (and what comes along with it). Turns out that’s only about 15 minutes of talking in an hour. (Thanks to Tracy Cutchlow’s book Zero to Five for that information.)

Not only does reading help bring up your child’s vocabulary, but it also gives you some nice family time together.

Get reading!

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DO | Holiday Traditions

Growing up I recall many traditions for Christmas. Once I moved out of the house for good about 8.5 years ago (to live with my then-boyfriend now-husband) all of those changed. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, but everyone keeps telling me I have to “make my own traditions.” I think this was the first year I actually felt that I could do that while still holding my old traditions dear.

Here’s a few of my favorite Christmas traditions, new and old:

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TODDLER | Books We Love 3yo – Q2 (Spanish too!)

This is the first time I’ve been late on a book post. I was incredibly on top of Christmas organization this year (cards arrived in friend’s homes starting Nov 30!) but getting a post out on the actual day I wanted to get it out was apparently a challenge. Sigh.

We visited the library a few times this month and took out some more fantastic books. So many great books, in fact, that I have to remind myself not to buy them all. “Just because I like it doesn’t mean we need it!” So I put them on our Amazon wish list for Christmas. Easy solution.

Speaking of Christmas (Merry Christmas Eve!), although my daughter would read Christmas books all year long if I kept them out, I don’t, so when I brought them back out this year (and added a few more) those have topped the list of bedtime stories.

I thought last quarter’s list was massive… this one tops it. Phew. Here goes.


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TODDLER | Books We Love 3yo – Q1

This quarter we have a LOT of books. Partly because we started going to the library more (and actually utilizing the library for the first time in the children’s section – I have taken out a lot of books for me in the past but never children’s books), and partly because she grabbed some old ones off her shelf and refused to go to sleep without reading them. Some may be repeats from previous quarters, but here’s the massive list.

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NO FUN | Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Last month we flew to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. We made it a quick trip – in Friday night and out Sunday morning. Traveling with two to a hotel is enough for another post, so I’ll spend this one on the souvenir I brought home with me – Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

Technically we had it before we got there. The Tuesday prior my daughter had a fever. Friday on the flight my son had a fever. My son had a rash that Saturday and one small mouth sore. My daughter and son were blessed with about 10 “blisters” a piece, so I got the brunt of the virus.

I’m writing this because while I was suffering through this I found solace in personal posts about people’s experiences. While the medical websites helped, they didn’t give me a specific idea of what might happen day in and day out. Hopefully this will help you if you’re searching for some answers.

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