Toddler | Books We Love 2YO – Q2

I can’t believe the year is almost over. That means my daughter is two and a half years old. 2.5 years since this little (now much bigger) child entered our lives. It’s even more of a striking difference between her starting size and her current size now that we have a newborn in the house, too. My daughter seems enormous!

What else is enormous is her choice in this quarter’s books. Most of these books are age appropriate, but some are big. And long. And I have to find a way to read them FAST because I can’t handle yet another repetition of a 30 page child-novel.

I will say, however, that reading her these enormous books must be helping her vocabulary and sentence structure because this little girl of mine speaks so darn well and clearly for her age. It helps me, as well, to speak more clearly and properly after I read these books aloud. It’s almost as if I can still learn a thing or two…

All right. Onto the books.

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TODDLER | Books We Love 2yo – Q1

My daughter turned 2 in June, so this is the first “Toddler” book post, seeing as she’s definitely not a baby anymore. It’s amazing to see her grow and learn, and really difficult to think of how she used to be when she was an infant – even with pictures and video. I say, “Is this the same kid?!” Turns out it is. Who knew.

This quarter we have been focusing a lot on counting and the alphabet, as well as some shapes. However, the stories she likes don’t always have a counting or alphabet theme, so we may use physical books to count, or look at a page in a book and see what we can count. She points out the letters she knows by heart and I remind her of some others she knows but isn’t quite sure of yet.

Her storytime has expanded from before bedtime to also before naptime, however sometimes she doesn’t want to do any reading. I try to read a story and she’ll tear it out of my hands, insisting that she read it. Then once she realizes she can’t exactly read, I’ll get it back, or we’ll move on. So, sometimes storytime really only gets us one or two stories instead of the 5-10+ in months past.

Here are the ones that she at least lets me read, and usually asks for by name:

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This quarter we really focused on one Spanish book, but there were many more that I attempted to read. However, see my previous post on the “no x 5” or “more x 5” rule. That made it a little difficult to get through most of these others. But, some still sparked her fancy every now and then.

Here’s what we liked this go around:

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BABY | Books We Love 18-21 months – English

We had a slew of books arrive in our home this holiday season, and I have to say I’m always a bit antsy bringing new books into our routine. Sometimes when I start to read a new one my daughter will say “No no no no no” on repeat until I stop. Sometimes she will let me finish it and then say “More? More? More? More? More?” on repeat until I start it again. I never know.

These books passed the “More” test. Enjoy.

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BABY | Books We Love – Sign Language

Before my daughter was born I picked up a $1 copy of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Sign Language from our  local Goodwill. I wasn’t sure if we were actually going to teach her sign language, but I had heard positive anecdotes about it and how it might be important for her development. I brought it home, gave it a quick once-over, and put it on the shelf.

Once she was born, it took me a few weeks to get back to the book. I was nervous about starting. I felt overwhelmed with simply being a parent – how could I fathom adding learning a brand new skill for both me and her to our already full plates?

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BABY | Books We Love 15 to 18 Months – Spanish/French

As I mentioned in my previous post, the last three months have been chock full of books at story time. We mostly read in English, but also read in Spanish (and our one French book too).

Here are the Spanish and French language books that she’s loving lately.

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BABY | Books We Love 15 to 18 months – English

Story time these last three months has been filled with a LOT of books. Like, 20 minutes of stories each night. And while we have approximately 100 books on the bookshelf, we usually read the same ones over and over.

I’ve been reading to her in both English and Spanish (with a French book thrown in), but to keep the post manageable, here are my daughter’s favorite English language books during her 15-18 months.

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