About Danielle

Welcome to Vintage Modern Lifestyle! I started this blog to catalog (mostly for myself) the projects and updates we were doing to our then-new home, and potentially share some of my vintage finds while I was at it.

It has since turned into more of a project/mommy-blog, which I’m totally ok with because, well, who doesn’t want one more opinion floating around on the interweb?

I try to share things that 1) I haven’t seemed to find in my searches online or b) things I have found that really did benefit me. I want to try to make it easier for people going through things I went through because I like it when other people do that. Plus, I share my own personal feelings because I like feelings. I like them a lot.

Regarding the blog name, I  can’t seem to focus on much of anything when I have choices, so my style has “developed” into a mix of contemporary, artsy, mid-century modern, antique, old-fashioned, Pinterest-y, and to top that off, I like making things by hand. Somehow our home isn’t a total disaster. Hence “Vintage Modern.”

I am from outside of Chicago and love the Midwest and water. Currently we live outside of Denver, so I’m learning to appreciate the mountains and small lakes (or ponds since when I hear “lake” I think of Lake Michigan). We bought a fixer-upper home and are in the continuous process of improving it, and learning new skills along the way since, as it turns out, we don’t know everything.

When we moved out here, we adopted a wonderful dog from a shelter and he was the light of our lives. We were “those people” who talked about our dog like he was our kid. Now, we’re parents to two little humans and loving every minute of it. We are still “those people” who talk about not much else than the three small beings that depend on us for food, shelter, and love.

I have many skills, mostly artsy craftsy, but one of which is being verbose, so I’ll end this “about me” section by saying this: I’ve found such great inspiration from others online, so I put this blog together in the hopes that I could help others as well.

There you have it. I hope you enjoy.


One thought on “About Danielle

  1. mikemusing says:

    Not everything changes from the top. Grassroot efforts can be effective also. And that sounds like the direction you are going to take to make a difference in the lives of the people you want to improve. At least you are taking actions beyond lipservice. I wish others shared your wisdom, insights and desires. Thanks for making this world a much better place to live.


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