EAT | December Meals

Wow. Here we are at the end of December. Somehow I’ve made it through an entire year of tracking our meals on Post-its or teeny scraps of paper. I recorded some meals from memory, some immediately on the night of. It’s been strangely fun, although if you know me you’ll know I like to do weird things like this.

Now that the year is over I look forward to a few things in 2018:

  1. Going through 2017’s meals to get some analytics on what we ate and how often;
  2. Recording 2018’s meals more thoroughly and in a less stressful fashion (usually because I seemed to misplace the Post-it when the month was almost over, fearing I’d lost 25+ days of data);
  3. Getting a little more serious about meal-planning (because let’s be serious, I’m not going to do it every week);
  4. Making some goals for the kitchen (like adding a few more things to my repertoire like homemade veggie burgers);
  5. And learning new recipes to add to our monthly menus.

Here’s to December and a Happy New Year!

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