EAT | October Dinners

Here’s October… good thing it’s not left to memory or I’d just say “Halloween Candy.”

  1. Greek meal (marinated pork, yogurt sauce, cucumber/tomato, homemade pita…)
  2. Stacked shrimp enchiladas
  3. Homemade pizza
  4. Leftovers
  5. Burgers and fries
  6. Pasta with meatballs
  7. Stir fry
  8. Steak and mashed potatoes
  9. Fish tacos
  10. Roast chicken and smashed potatoes (Auntie Kelly potatoes)
  11. Lou Malnati’s
  12. Cafe Jordano takeout
  13. Homemade pizza
  14. Leftovers
  15. Leftovers
  16. Leftovers
  17. Sausage and baked potatoes
  18. Shrimp, fries, macaroni and cheese, tomatoes
  19. Lasagna cups
  20. Lou Malnati’s
  21. Dinner at a friend’s house
  22. Chicken and baked potatoes
  23. Boiled potatoes with sour cream sauce (Penzey’s spices with sour cream), pork loin
  24. Spaghetti and shrimp
  25. Shrimp tacos
  26. Homemade macaroni and cheese
  27. Dominos
  28. Brats and mashed potatoes
  29. Stacked shrimp enchiladas
  30. Boiled potatoes with sour cream sauce and steak/salmon
  31. Lou Malnati’s (My grandma sent a lot of Chicago pizzas to celebrate my son’s birthday so I definitely enjoyed those this month)

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