DO | Holiday Traditions

Growing up I recall many traditions for Christmas. Once I moved out of the house for good about 8.5 years ago (to live with my then-boyfriend now-husband) all of those changed. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, but everyone keeps telling me I have to “make my own traditions.” I think this was the first year I actually felt that I could do that while still holding my old traditions dear.

Here’s a few of my favorite Christmas traditions, new and old:

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TODDLER | Books We Love 3yo – Q2 (Spanish too!)

This is the first time I’ve been late on a book post. I was incredibly on top of Christmas organization this year (cards arrived in friend’s homes starting Nov 30!) but getting a post out on the actual day I wanted to get it out was apparently a challenge. Sigh.

We visited the library a few times this month and took out some more fantastic books. So many great books, in fact, that I have to remind myself not to buy them all. “Just because I like it doesn’t mean we need it!” So I put them on our Amazon wish list for Christmas. Easy solution.

Speaking of Christmas (Merry Christmas Eve!), although my daughter would read Christmas books all year long if I kept them out, I don’t, so when I brought them back out this year (and added a few more) those have topped the list of bedtime stories.

I thought last quarter’s list was massive… this one tops it. Phew. Here goes.


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EAT | November Dinners

As I’m typing these all at once, it reads like we’re eating the same things over and over. Of course, at the time every 24 hours seems like a lot to come up with new meals and standbys are easy and quick.

I think January will also bring about a new attempt at meal planning. I’ve done it before and it’s so helpful – I just need to KEEP doing it. Always the hard part, right?

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EAT | September Dinners

Guys. It’s December. Almost January. I haven’t posted dinners in almost 4 months. Somehow I’ve saved all of the notes, though, so here goes. Another fast and furious quarter of what we ate.

Truth be told (though if you know me you’re not surprised) I’m excited to take the entire year’s worth of data and see how it breaks down. How many nights we ordered in, how many nights we had pizza, how many nights we had the same old same old…

This year I feel like I added a lot of new meals to my repertoire, but I’m feeling the need to do that again. And, does anyone else feel heavier at the end of the year? Not weight wise, but overall body and spirit? I feel like January is always a jump start for fresh, clean eating and lifestyle overhauls. It’s a good starting point. Not necessarily a “resolution” persay, but a deadline to begin some changes.

We’ll see what happens in a week or two here. Until then, here’s the meals.

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