NO FUN | Onychomadesis

If you thought my blog post about the immediate effects of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease sounded fun, you’re in for a treat. Turns out that the virus can also pause growth of your nails, causing bits to become soft, and peel, or better yet, fall off completely.

A few weeks ago four of my nails (the same two fingers on both hands in mirrored spots, which is bizarre) developed soft spots. I’d never had this before, so I didn’t immediately connect it to the virus I’d had weeks prior. I mentioned it to my husband, a friend, and googled it and they all came up with the same answer – Perhaps it’s a holdover from the HFM virus.

Lucky me! Four fingernails have since peeled and have chunks missing, and I noticed two of my toenails are subject to the same fate.

The fun never ends…

Here’s a blog I found about it that describes it in better detail –


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