TODDLER | Books We Love 3yo – Q1

This quarter we have a LOT of books. Partly because we started going to the library more (and actually utilizing the library for the first time in the children’s section – I have taken out a lot of books for me in the past but never children’s books), and partly because she grabbed some old ones off her shelf and refused to go to sleep without reading them. Some may be repeats from previous quarters, but here’s the massive list.

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NO FUN | Onychomadesis

If you thought my blog post about the immediate effects of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease sounded fun, you’re in for a treat. Turns out that the virus can also pause growth of your nails, causing bits to become soft, and peel, or better yet, fall off completely.

A few weeks ago four of my nails (the same two fingers on both hands in mirrored spots, which is bizarre) developed soft spots. I’d never had this before, so I didn’t immediately connect it to the virus I’d had weeks prior. I mentioned it to my husband, a friend, and googled it and they all came up with the same answer – Perhaps it’s a holdover from the HFM virus.

Lucky me! Four fingernails have since peeled and have chunks missing, and I noticed two of my toenails are subject to the same fate.

The fun never ends…

Here’s a blog I found about it that describes it in better detail –

EAT | August Dinners

Phew. I thought I was going to have to skip August. My little post-it notes (that I keep record on) disappeared and since I find it difficult to recall what we had for dinner a few days ago, I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember an entire month. But, lucky me (and you!), they had just fallen behind into another drawer.

In the last few months I ditched my dairy-free diet restriction since it wasn’t bothering my son anymore, so most meals now include cheese or some sort of milk product in the recipe. At the end of these months, after once again eating all the dairy I’ve ever wanted, I remembered why being dairy-free feels so good. After this holiday season is over (and I have baked everything on this planet with real butter), I might put myself on a semi-dairy-free diet. I love dairy, but it doesn’t always love me back. I should probably be an adult and learn how to control my intake. 🙂

Enjoy the list, and I’ll try to not enjoy dairy so much.

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EAT | Homemade Mac + Cheese

(This intro is long. But down there (somewhere) is the recipe.)

I like macaroni and cheese. It’s true. There. I said it. I always have, and I imagine I always will. Unfortunately, as it’s not the most low-calorie meal, so does my daughter.

Last summer when I was pregnant with my son, I made mac and cheese almost every day because not only did my daughter eat it and ask for seconds, but I could also finish the pot and we wouldn’t have leftovers. I was absolutely acting as the best martyr I could and well if that involved taking one for the team and eating all the rest of the macaroni then by golly I was going to do it. I was making Kraft, Velveeta, Annie’s, whatever I could get my hands on. When I was out, I made it from scratch. I was (am, let’s be honest) a cheese addict.

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