NO FUN | Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Last month we flew to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. We made it a quick trip – in Friday night and out Sunday morning. Traveling with two to a hotel is enough for another post, so I’ll spend this one on the souvenir I brought home with me – Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

Technically we had it before we got there. The Tuesday prior my daughter had a fever. Friday on the flight my son had a fever. My son had a rash that Saturday and one small mouth sore. My daughter and son were blessed with about 10 “blisters” a piece, so I got the brunt of the virus.

I’m writing this because while I was suffering through this I found solace in personal posts about people’s experiences. While the medical websites helped, they didn’t give me a specific idea of what might happen day in and day out. Hopefully this will help you if you’re searching for some answers.

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EAT | July Dinners

July. Now, July was a different animal for our meals. I had had about enough with my go-to, boring, easy meals and decided to pull out my menu folder.

Generally I will go online to find recipes, but, as all analog-paper-lovers go, I have an ever-growing stack of paper recipes that I’ve pulled from magazines or collected from cooking classes.

I went through these and found a handful of recipes that would fill up a week’s worth of food and got to cooking.

Boy am I glad I did. Now I have new go-tos and they feel fresh and easy.

Here you go, with links to the recipes if I could find them online.

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EAT | May Dinners

I’m aware it’s August. That being said, I’m barely aware that it’s mid-August because somehow the last three weeks (months?) have flown by and I cannot account for the time.

Luckily I’ve been keeping huge post-its in the drawer with our meals so you all can keep up with what we’ve been eating. (Let’s be honest, these posts are only for me at this point.)

Here we go.

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