EAT | April Dinners

See last post for why this is a few weeks late. Life, man.

I didn’t capture what my daughter ate this month either… I assume that will not be a standard addition to these posts at this point. Sometimes she eats a normal dinner, sometimes it’s bits and pieces of stuff. She’s almost 3. At least she eats, right?

  1. Fish tacos with the usual additions
  2. Veggie and chicken stir fry
  3. Steak and potatoes, leftovers
  4. Homemade cast iron pizza
  5. Crusted tilapia (my mom’s suggestion from Costco) and cilantro lime rice
  6. Burgers and fries
  7. Leftovers for me, Husband ate out with a friend
  8. Crusted tilapia with peach salsa over rice
  9. Shrimp, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls
  10. Grilled chicken with smashed small potatoes for Husband, tomato/avocado sandwich on an everything bagel for me (one of my favorite lunches this month)
  11. I traveled to Chicago today and forgot what we ate…
  12. Lou Malnati’s – fantastic deep dish Chicago pizza.
  13. Traveling. I forgot.
  14. Ditto.
  15. Spaghetti and salad
  16. Easter leftovers from the massive brunch
  17. Crusted tilapia with peach salsa over rice
  18. Homemade cast iron pizza (I introduced it to my parents while visiting)
  19. Traveling = snacks and McDonald’s (shudder)
  20. Baked breaded cod with garlic fries (thanks Trader Joe’s)
  21. Pasta with marinara and garlic bread
  22. Fish tacos made with the crusted tilapia
  23. Steak and scallops for husband, smashed potatoes, asparagus, bread
  24. Gnocci from TJ’s with grilled chicken, baked cod, and asparagus
  25. Sloppy joes for Husband, salmon for me, asparagus, sweet potato fries, zucchini
  26. Thai vegetable gyoza (TJ’s to the rescue yet again) with rice and soy sauce
  27. Pasta with shrimp (cold for Husband, garlic grilled for me)
  28. Homemade ramen
  29. Homemade cast iron pizza
  30. Veggie and chicken stir fry

This month was a little better in terms of variety. Sometimes traveling gets me out of my cooking funk, and another big help was a large shopping trip at Trader Joe’s. I don’t love doing frozen foods multiple nights in a row but when it’s not all the time I can handle it. Plus, it gives us a break from our standard eats.


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