EAT | January Dinners

Between me and my husband we have a laundry list of things we don’t or can’t eat. Then throw a toddler into the mix. This makes it difficult to feed all of us with one meal, so I usually end up making three different meals almost every night.

Last year I kept a basic record of what we ate for dinner for about five months straight. It helped me remember what we ate so I could keep from repeating dinners too frequently, and also gave me ideas of what to make when I’d forgotten some of the things we would eat.

I cook almost every night of the year so it’s helpful to keep our approved dinner options at hand. This year I will (try to) post a monthly “menu” when the month has finished of what we ate each night. It’ll help me remember what I made and remind me to better rotate our meals so we’re not eating the same thing week in and week out, and perhaps help you get some ideas too!

The list below is a basic explanation of our main course. Most nights there is also a cucumber/tomato salad for my husband, or something extra for me, and perhaps I’ll get more thorough as the months go on.


1: Cheeseburger with tater tots and applesauce (Boca Chik’n patty for me)

2: Homemade Beef Ramen (Made from this recipe)

3: Sloppy Joes and fries (mine was made with Boca meatless crumbles)

4: Pork chop for husband and baked potatoes for both of us

5: Homemade bean chili – I added ground beef to my husband’s and mixed mini penne pasta into mine

6: Baked potatoes and cold shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce

7: Homemade enchiladas with sliced avocado and tomatoes on the side

8: Penne pasta with my absolute favorite sauce – Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce (added ground turkey for my husband)

9: Homemade shrimp tacos (lime rice, sautéed onions/peppers/jalapeños, and garlic chili shrimp, with diced tomatoes, sliced olives, diced avocado, and diced pineapple, plus sour cream and cheese for my husband)

10: Leftover enchiladas

11: Grilled cheese and chips for husband. Leftover pasta for me.

12: Pork chop for husband and baked potatoes and corn for both of us

13: Takeout pizza

14: Homemade beer battered tilapia and fries for me, shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce and sourdough bread with butter for my husband

15: Homemade Beef Ramen take 2 (I didn’t use carrots/celery for the broth, but added some sautéed ginger)

16: Fish tacos

17: Sloppy Joes and fries (made with meatless crumbles for me. I also had some of my daughter’s pasta)

18: Homemade chicken and broccoli/vegetable stir fry (I had never made it before but of course I can’t find the recipe now)

19: Turkey burger sliders with cucumber/tomato salad for husband and mini penne pasta with marinara sauce for me

20: I have no idea what I made. Oops.

21: Steak for husband, something for me? Another busy night where I forgot to keep track.

22: Baked tilapia and rice with sliced tomato and diced mango

23: Leftovers

24: Pork chop for husband and brown rice for both of us (I also had salad)

25: Grilled chicken and baked potato for husband, baked yam, green beans, and pasta for me (I ate some of my daughter’s pasta)

26: Leftover chili (I froze half of the original dinner on the 5th and used my crock pot to warm it up)

27: Dinner at a friend’s

28: Shrimp stir fry for me (sauce modified from this recipe). Cold shrimp and rice with stir fry sauce for husband.

29: Homemade pizza – pizza sauce with olives for me (no cheese), cheese/salami/olives for husband

30: Leftover shrimp stir fry, turkey meatballs with marinara and rice for husband

31: Shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce and fries, plus cucumber/tomato salad for husband.

As I mentioned above, many of these nights we have a supplemental dish, but I failed to include those this month. In an effort to better keep track of what we’re eating, perhaps I’ll include those (and my daughter’s meals?) next month.


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