Toddler | Books We Love 2YO – Q2

I can’t believe the year is almost over. That means my daughter is two and a half years old. 2.5 years since this little (now much bigger) child entered our lives. It’s even more of a striking difference between her starting size and her current size now that we have a newborn in the house, too. My daughter seems enormous!

What else is enormous is her choice in this quarter’s books. Most of these books are age appropriate, but some are big. And long. And I have to find a way to read them FAST because I can’t handle yet another repetition of a 30 page child-novel.

I will say, however, that reading her these enormous books must be helping her vocabulary and sentence structure because this little girl of mine speaks so darn well and clearly for her age. It helps me, as well, to speak more clearly and properly after I read these books aloud. It’s almost as if I can still learn a thing or two…

All right. Onto the books.

This book was given to my husband as a joke. But who’s laughing now? Har har. That would be me and my daughter as we read about poop – all the different types of poop, all the different kinds of animals that poop, and all the different kinds of places to poop. Luckily poop is a daily topic around here or I might not be so keen to read it all the time. And, I’m also teaching her new vocabulary words while she learns about a basic bodily function – like pelican. Who knew this book could be useful for other things too?

Peppa is arguably the most favorite pig in the entire house. This book is a quick recap of a Peppasode (video episode of Peppa, isn’t that clever?) where Granny and Grandpa Pig take care of Peppa and George for the evening while their parents go out.

The second-most favorite pig in the house, although I’d have to say this one is a bit more aesthetically pleasing. This is, I believe, the first of the Olivia series and tells us all about Olivia and her daily adventures with her brother Ian and her mom.

This is one of the child-sized novels I was talking about. It’s a cute take on Cinderella and her neighbor, Cinder Edna, and how Cinder Edna was the more practical of the two and ended up happily married to the Prince’s brother. But, it’s LONG. Very long for bedtime. Especially if your child likes you to read things over and over again. Fortunately I have a knack for being able to paraphrase which is helpful for this book which has full pages of text. Somehow she hasn’t caught on yet, but when she does, I suppose I’ll just have to read it once, a little slower.

I didn’t realize how much I loved to read poetry aloud until my daughter was born and I read her both of my Shel Silverstein books cover to cover. Since then, I haven’t found many child-appropriate poetry books that gave me a chance to showcase my reading skills – you know, to myself and my toddler. Since I didn’t recall this book about a mischievous cat and bored children being one of my childhood favorites, I put off reading it until recently. Fortunately, I love the poetic patterns and she loves the story. Although it’s technically long – 60ish pages – it’s only a few lines per page so it’s quite bearable to both read and listen to.

I’ve saved this book since I was a little girl, and it’s unfortunate for the rest of you if you want to get your hands on a copy. Apparently they’re selling on Amazon for upwards of $35. Anyway, this book is about a panda who receives a paintbox from his father and proceeds to paint a beautiful picture of himself and a friend while learning about mixing colors. It’s near and dear to my heart because of my art background, and I also love the illustrations of the paint.

My mom bought this book for our daughter when she was first born, so it’s been sitting on the shelf for a while. I decide to pull it out recently and I’m glad I did. My daughter now talks about “ideas” and how they’re “everywhere” (which is very adorable) and I am in love with the illustrations by Mae Besom. They’re beautifully done in pencil and watercolor (or perhaps on the computer, but I like to think they’re hand done) and it’s almost as though I can feel the texture of the paper she used. A good book for older kids but apparently also good for my 2.5 year old sponge.


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