BE | Moving Forward

A lot of things have transpired in the weeks since my last post.

I gave birth to our son! It was a wondrous experience and he’s brought an enormous amount of joy to our family.

The Cubs won the World Series (!!!), 108 years after our last championship. What a tremendously exciting series to watch, and the buzz and energy following was a great diversion from the day-to-day.

And this past week, as you may have heard, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote for the Presidential nomination but lost in electoral votes, giving Donald Trump the title of President-elect. (This isn’t an anti-Trump rant, so please try to make it to the end if you can.)

I want to write posts about all three of these things, but since my emotions today are closely tied to the election results I will do that first. Other posts will come when I have a spare minute to write (which clearly I haven’t had in over a month).

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