TODDLER | Books We Love 2yo – Q1

My daughter turned 2 in June, so this is the first “Toddler” book post, seeing as she’s definitely not a baby anymore. It’s amazing to see her grow and learn, and really difficult to think of how she used to be when she was an infant – even with pictures and video. I say, “Is this the same kid?!” Turns out it is. Who knew.

This quarter we have been focusing a lot on counting and the alphabet, as well as some shapes. However, the stories she likes don’t always have a counting or alphabet theme, so we may use physical books to count, or look at a page in a book and see what we can count. She points out the letters she knows by heart and I remind her of some others she knows but isn’t quite sure of yet.

Her storytime has expanded from before bedtime to also before naptime, however sometimes she doesn’t want to do any reading. I try to read a story and she’ll tear it out of my hands, insisting that she read it. Then once she realizes she can’t exactly read, I’ll get it back, or we’ll move on. So, sometimes storytime really only gets us one or two stories instead of the 5-10+ in months past.

Here are the ones that she at least lets me read, and usually asks for by name:


A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na


This little gem was given to us by a friend. Actually most of these books this quarter were given to us by friends. I liked to think I knew some good children’s books, but turns out I am barely scratching the surface. Luckily I have friends who know kids’ books much better than I do.

Anyway. This book, known in our house as “The Owl Book,” is about a watchful owl who sees all the ways other animals sleep. The illustrations are beautiful, the story is simple, and it gives us opportunities for vocabulary and letter recognition.


So Many Stars by Andy Warhol

This book is interesting to read aloud, since it focuses on the word “so,” but it has some beautiful illustrations and print block work, and it has introduced some new vocabulary to my daughter. Plus she likes stars, so that helps.


London: A Book of Opposites by Ashley Evanson

An easy book to help learn differences between things like big and small, old and new, empty and full, etc. Plus the illustrations are cute and straightforward. We don’t bother reading what’s on the page anymore and just go straight to having my daughter tell me which picture fits which adjective.


Found by Salina Yoon

My mother-in-law bought this book and accompanying teddy bear from Kohl’s as part of their Kohl’s Cares program ($5 for the book and bear and 100% of the net profits go toward children’s health initiatives worldwide – the books and toys change frequently). The bear immediately was claimed by our dog (sorry baby boy) and the book was immediately enjoyed by our daughter.

It’s another simple story about a bear who finds a stuffed bunny in a forest and sets off to find its owner. Great for vocabulary and counting objects on the pages.


Hello In There by Jo Witek

Another gift from a friend to help transition my daughter from being an only child to a big sister. The book has about 11 pages, the first 9 with an ever-growing belly on the left and a little girl on the right, talking to her baby sibling about everything the world has to offer once the baby arrives. Each belly page has a flap to open with a larger and larger baby inside. This book has been helpful with learning shapes and patterns, and hopefully with the concept of “big sister.”


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


I tried to get her into this one earlier, but she wasn’t having it. Now that she knows more food words and we are learning to count, this is more fun. If you aren’t familiar with this classic, it’s about a caterpillar who goes on a week-long eating spree and *spoiler* becomes a beautiful butterfly.


Jingle Bells by Kathleen N. Daly

I don’t know where the obsession with this book came in, but she really enjoys it. I chalk it up to the fact that I sing the lyrics of Jingle Bells when they appear on the pages, and I’m clearly a top-notch singer. There are also a lot of animals she knows, but other than that, it’s definitely out of season. That’s ok. If she lets me sing to her while reading a story it’s all the more fun for me. Plus, now I’m sure my dad will be convinced she has more of his genes since he listens to Christmas music year ’round.


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