This quarter we really focused on one Spanish book, but there were many more that I attempted to read. However, see my previous post on the “no x 5” or “more x 5” rule. That made it a little difficult to get through most of these others. But, some still sparked her fancy every now and then.

Here’s what we liked this go around:

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DO | Packing Peanuts

I hate packing peanuts. Unfortunately, they’re a constant part of my life because we live far away from either set of parents, and (fortunately) they like to mail us stuff.

In one shipment (this was an anomaly), I had 6 kitchen garbage bags and 4 grocery plastic bags full of peanuts. To be fair, though, this was a humongous box (it came up to my waist) and it was to ship some pretty important things my way. But, man. The peanuts!

I used to save them, thinking throwing them away would be a horrible thing to do and knowing I’d be shipping things myself someday, but that ended up in filling our basement with garbage bags upon garbage bags of unused peanuts.

Then, someone showed me the light.

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