BABY | Books We Love 18-21 months – English

We had a slew of books arrive in our home this holiday season, and I have to say I’m always a bit antsy bringing new books into our routine. Sometimes when I start to read a new one my daughter will say “No no no no no” on repeat until I stop. Sometimes she will let me finish it and then say “More? More? More? More? More?” on repeat until I start it again. I never know.

These books passed the “More” test. Enjoy.

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BE | Saying Goodbye

My grandfather passed away March 11. It wasn’t unexpected, as he had been battling a stomach/bile duct cancer for almost two years, but it was still painful to have that realization wash over me. I always wondered how I would find out – would my grandmother call? My dad? My mom? But in this instance, I knew almost immediately. My aunts, my parents, and I were on a group text for weeks talking about his condition and the almost daily progress/decline. On March 10th he was moved into hospice and we were told to expect one to two weeks given his condition. The next day it was one to two days. And within one to two hours, he was gone.

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