EAT | Did It Work? Reheating Pizza on the Stovetop

A few months ago I saw one of those “video recipes” on Facebook, but this one was a quick way to reheat pizza on the stovetop. “You’ll never use the oven again!” it claimed.

I made homemade pizza a few weeks ago and, the next day, decided to try this technique to see if it really was as quick and easy as the internet said it would be.

My cast iron pan was the perfect tool for the job. After heating a little bit of oil in the pan, as they suggested, I put in the pizza. I used lid toward the end to steam the cheese. I would say it took me about 6-8 minutes (much like this tutorial from The Kitchn, though they don’t suggest preheating).

Pan Pizza.jpg

So, did it work?

Yes it did.

Was it better than using the oven?

Only in terms of time. I wouldn’t say it was crispier or meltier or better tasting, but it didn’t take as long.

Though it DID give me more dishes.


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