BABY | “W-Sitting” easy correction

A few months ago, while back in the Chicago area visiting my parents, I stopped by an old friend’s home to see her, her daughter, and her mom. We sat around talking for close to an hour, and during this time my daughter adopted the W-sitting position that comes naturally to most toddlers.

My friend’s mom, who had worked as a preschool teacher for decades (so I believe her when she tells me something about children), explained this position was detrimental to my daughter’s knees and back, and that although she may not currently understand me, I needed to start correcting it. She said it was as simple as saying “No W” and correcting the leg positioning.

I started making this change immediately. Every time I saw her sit this way I said “No W” and gently moved her legs into a straight-out position.

It’s only three months later and all I have to do is say “No W” and she will correct herself. It is simple and my daughter doesn’t fight it. She may move back to that position shortly after, but I give her another gentle reminder and move her legs again.

Easy peasy.

Here are some links to articles about W-sitting and more detail behind the importance of correcting it, and potential issues that may be at hand if your child sits this way.




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