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I’ve always had a penchant for organization. Sometimes it gets difficult in my own home because I get trapped in the day-to-day of things like closets or drawers.

When I visit other peoples’ homes, however, I see things with a different eye. Now that I’ve been organizing my own closets for a good decade and beyond, I see opportunities in their home that they may miss due to looking at it every day.

Case in point: the linen closet.

On a recent trip, my willing victims allowed me to clean up their linen closet.

The doors opened up to a situation like this. (To be fully truthful I must disclose I got excited about this project and started removing towels before I took a picture, so there is one pile of towels on the shelf that I shoved back in just so I could take the picture. But it didn’t look much better to start.)

Closet 1I knew there was a simple way for this closet not only to look better but to function better.What I find to be the easiest way to organize something is to start with a blank slate. I pulled everything out and put it on the (clean) floor.

I organized first by type: Towels v. sheets v. other (ironing materials, etc.)

Then within those categories I organized further. I put sheet sets together, towel types together, and further separated the towels by color. In addition, if anything needs to be thrown away or donated, now is the time to separate those items from the items you will be keeping in the closet.

With a consistent fold, everything looks better. I chose a vertical tri-fold followed by another tri-fold in the opposite direction.

Closet 2Once everything was finished I put it back in the closet.

Ta-da! Simple and easy to use. I heard the closet has even stayed this way.


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