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My Clarisonic is dead. D-E-D dead.


I received my Clarisonic MIA as a gift three years ago and have been a pretty-frequent user ever since. It brought out the impurities in my skin, which made me look like a teenager again, but once those went away my skin was beautiful, vibrant, and youthful. And then it would die, and I’d forget to charge it for a month, and I’d go through that process all over again. But it worked!

Clarisonic Mia White

Since I’m better at forgetting to charge it than I am at actually charging it, after a few months of it sitting idle the battery was dead once again. I tried to charge it with the nifty magnetic charger and did not get the fulfilling buzz of connection, but rather a consistent pattern of buzzing. Unfortunately, that meant it was not charging. It meant it was malfunctioning.

I turned to Google and everything I found confirmed that it was, indeed, dead. I saw lifespans range from 2-5+ years so it was within that range, but still unfortunate that it had stopped working.

I mentioned this to my mother, and the super shopper she is bought me a new device for $1.55.

Clarisonic Mia Hot Pink

But, what to do with my old one?

I did some research online and came up empty-handed. Most people were complaining about the short lifespan but I didn’t find anything about what to do with it once it died. So today I contacted Clarisonic customer service. ShaKeara and I had a nice chat. Here’s what she had to say:

I am sorry to hear that your unit isn’t functioning properly. You can dispose of the handle and charger base at any recycling center that accepts batteries and electrical devices. 

Even if your unit is outside of warranty, our Warranty Department still provides troubleshooting assistance. If your warranty has expired, you qualify for the Loyalty Program. This program allows you to purchase a new device with a great discount.

While not the answer I was looking for (that would have been – these last FOREVER! Just do x, y, and z and it’ll be up and running again) I am glad to hear they can be recycled. That’s better than tossing them in the landfill.

So there you go. Dead Clarisonic? See if the warranty department can fix it. If not?  Recycle it.

Or rack up a bazillion points at Ulta and get a new one for $1.55.

Thanks, Mom.


2 thoughts on “HOME | Clarisonic Disposal

  1. Elisha says:

    I can’t find any information on how to discard the Clarisonic brush head itself. Can you recycle the brush head in normal recycling or it must be trashed? Thanks!


    • Danielle says:

      Thanks for reading! I don’t know offhand but would assume you’d have to toss it if you couldn’t reuse it. Check their website or give them a callback – they were really friendly and helpful. Let me know what you learn!


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