BABY | Helpful Items, 0-12mo Edition

I thought I was relatively well-prepared when it came to knowing what I’d need for my daughter. It turns out some of the best things we have used were things I didn’t ask for, or expect to need.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

A friend gave us this Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Music Toy and at the time I was nervous about being annoyed by the music, but I brought it with us on a whim during our first long car ride (12 hours). It turned out to be a life-saver. I didn’t have to break it out until the drive home, and it kept her entertained and distracted between pit stops, and ever since it has been a favorite go-to toy. Plus, the songs are classical music I know from my piano playing days.

Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

We had brunch at a friend’s house and instead of holding my daughter while we ate, they brought out this handy seat that they had used for their daughter. They didn’t need it anymore so they gave it to us. We use this almost daily. It is so handy and gives our daughter a seat at the table. Plus, it folds up for easy storage and the cover comes off for washing.

Summer Infant Super Seat

When my daughter was sitting up on her own but not big enough for her high chair, I needed somewhere for her to sit and work on those neck muscles while I made dinner. Once we got over that stage, it turned into a useful pre-bath seat where I would let her play while I showered, and then take her out to give her a bath. We bought a used one and the tray has since given out on us (turns out 20 pounds of bouncing toddler was too much for the plastic connections), but it is still a useful booster.

Prince Lionheart Catchall

At Easter this year, we had lunch at my aunt’s home. She purchased this catchall for us to use during the meal and gave it to us to take home. It’s easy to wipe clean, easy to wash, and easy to throw under whatever seat we’re using at the time. I’ve since shared this with two friends who saw it in our house and loved the idea.


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