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Our house sometimes seems like a hotel as we regularly host guests from all over the country. Gifts or payment are never expected, though we have, however, had some friends bring or send us gifts which were a surprise but greatly appreciated.

Here are a few we’ve received that are kitchen focused.

I’m a proud Illinoisan, and our friends from DC know that well. The last time they visited, they brought along a few gifts, my favorite of which was this Illinois-shaped cutting board from Epicurean. It is all of the good things – Made in the USA, dishwasher safe, knife friendly, eco-friendly, heat resistant, and it gives me a satisfactory sound every time I chop.Illinois Cutting Board from Epicurean

A Southern California friend sent a few items after her initial visit, including these nesting Le Creuset square bakers. They are perfect for smaller dishes and mine are a brilliant green color (no longer an option, though every color is rich).

Le Creuset Square Bakers

A friend from Illinois who now also resides in Denver gave us these great appetizer plates from Crate & Barrel. They were so perfect I ended up buying another set. The style isn’t made anymore, but appetizer plates are always a good gift.

Crate & Barrel Road Trip Appetizer Plates

Another set of Californians were visiting and noticed I was complaining about my toaster being on the way out. A few days after they left, they surprised me by sending a brand new Cuisinart toaster. Now those are some good listeners!

Cuisinart Toaster

These are easy crowd- and wallet-pleasers if you’re looking for gifts for your hosts. Let me know if you have any you love in particular!


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