HOLIDAYS | Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Pumpkin Collage

The Teal Pumpkin Project was launched in 2014 by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) in order to promote education surrounding food allergies and how to be inclusive of those children on Halloween. I heard about it for the first time this year and wanted to participate. It cost me less than $10 and allows the children who come to my home for Trick-or-Treating to have a choice between candy or non-food items.

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HOME | Kitchen Gifts I Love

Our house sometimes seems like a hotel as we regularly host guests from all over the country. Gifts or payment are never expected, though we have, however, had some friends bring or send us gifts which were a surprise but greatly appreciated.

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BABY | Product Review – Pack ‘n Play

When I was putting together my baby registry, I had to choose products that I’d never used before. I’d barely even seen half of these things in person. As I mentioned in my first timer’s baby registry post, I go by looks, price, and reviews when choosing an item that’s new to me.

Sometimes you think you make a wise choice. And sometimes, after some experience, you realize you could have made a wiser choice.

Such is the case with our pack ‘n play. I chose a nice one at a decent price. It works just fine. It does what it’s suppose to do. But after using a different brand (that was a good deal cheaper), I find I should have asked around a bit more before making a decision.

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BE | Chats with my grandmother

My grandma turned 90 last month, and you’d never know it. She’s as spritely as she was two decades ago, and she’s still working two days a week just for the heck of it. I call her every week or so to check in on her and my grandfather. In the last year since I’ve become a mom I have many questions to ask her as they raised six amazing children (one of whom is my father).

The last time I called her we talked about childbirth and baby stages. Here’s what I remember.

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BE | Fall is here.

It’s been less than two weeks of “technical” fall by the calendar. The weather has been crisp, yet warm. The trees were still mostly green. The mornings were for snuggling but the days for removing layers. I knew real fall was coming. The brief, fleeting moment of time between 90 and 30 degrees. It’s my favorite season and still I can never pinpoint when it begins or ends. I just know it has been because I know when it is over.

The weather turned last night. I knew it would, as the day before was filled with fog and quiet. The mountains were hidden behind precipitation of some sort.

Today it was official. Chilly all day. Foggy mist covered the mountains so well I thought we were back in the Midwest. The first two years we were here it snowed for the first time on October 4th. That’s tomorrow. I wonder if we will get any? The forecast calls for a day in the 80s within the next two weeks so perhaps not. Maybe we’ll have an extended season this year.

This is my favorite time of the year. After the intense warmth. Before the back to back to back holidays. I can’t remember when it became my favorite, and I’m not quite sure why it is, but I know I’m happy it is here.

BABY | Books We Love – 12 to 15 months

Reading to young children not only helps build their vocabulary and speech comprehension, it also gives you and your child a chance to bond over your favorite books and what are likely to become their favorite books.

If you’ve been reading to your child, you know they like repetition. Not only within the book, but also of the book. So, it helps to have books that you like to read over and over and over again. The books below are both fun for the child and for the adult. I’ve read each at least 40 times now with no end in sight, and I still look forward to doing so. Hopefully you enjoy them too!

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