BABY | How-To: Reusable Wipes

We don’t use disposable wipes in this house because every brand I used seemed to cause a rash. So, we’re 100% flannel/reusable. Here’s how I make them:

How To Reusable Wipes

Wash/dry wipes. (I have about 50.)

Get your bucket, measuring cup, and Lusa Baby Wipe Juice together.

(You don’t need to use the wipe juice – I don’t use it all the time and I find plain water works great as well.)

Put the wipes in the bucket vertically.


Add the Lusa to the measuring cup first. This makes it easier to dilute than adding it after you fill it with water. Use it sparingly – it has a very strong scent.


Fill the measuring cup with water.


Pour over the wipes, taking care to pour in the middle of the stack as well.

Be sure to also rotate the stack so each side gets wet.



When you run out of water/juice, fill the measuring cup with just water. There will be enough scent to last you without having to add more.

When they’re damp to the touch but not soaking wet, you’re done! It’s ok to have a little excess water as it’ll make up for what evaporates.


Tips: Don’t put a lid on it and/or only make as many as you’ll need until the next wash – this will keep them from getting musty/moldy.


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