BE | Adulting: Making Friends

Alternate Title: “Adulting: Making Friends When You’re Over 30 and a SAHM Who Enjoys Being by Herself in the House With Her Child And Dog.”

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BABY | Cloth Diapering – Q&A

Before I started using cloth diapers, I had a few important questions.

“What do you do with the wet diapers?”

“What about the poop?”

“Will it smell?”

“How do you clean them?”

“What on earth is a wet bag?”

Here’s what I learned.

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BABY | Nap Time

I can tell it’s getting to be nap time because you’re getting into everything. You want to play in the grass. You want to draw with the chalk. You want to go inside. You want to go outside. You can’t make up your mind. Plus, it’s 2:30 and it’s been 3.5 hours since you started your last nap, so by the clock, it’s nap time.

We came to your room to play. You tried to get your Fisher Price phone out of the toy bin but the receiver was stuck and you didn’t feel like digging it out. You brought me a story to read, but we only made it through 5 pages before you tried to tear off the cover. We tried a diaper change and you dissolved into tears and a fit of kicking legs. Definitely nap time.

Curtains drawn. Lights off. Noise machine on. Fan on for when the noise machine turns of. (Who made the white noise option stop at 59 minutes?)
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EAT | My Favorite Remoulade

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be a chef for 3 days for our friends when my husband hosted an annual board meeting at our home. This was the only job I had to do (other than dishes), and I loved it. I was cooking on someone else’s dime and I was able to just focus on this all day long.

I pored through my recipe books looking for things I’d always wanted to try but didn’t have a big enough audience to think it was worth it. I had a wonderful few days of recipes planned out. And one of the best ones I’ve found (and very versatile) is this remoulade from Tyler Florence.

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BABY | Cloth Diapering for Novices

Before my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers. I’m not sure what the compelling reason was, other than being a more sustainable choice than disposable diapers, but I was dead set on cloth. Before we even got pregnant, I was researching cloth and what it entailed. I viewed videos on YouTube. I visited natural baby stores. I read about it online and talked to other cloth diapering mamas. Somehow, I was still confused. So, here’s all of the information I learned (and what I do) in the hopes it’ll help you get started without fear.

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BABY | Depression and Weaning

It was July 4th. A big holiday weekend. And I was in my kitchen in tears. My husband was out of town, and I had searched for anything to do that was similar to what I had experienced growing up – a morning parade where they throw candy, have games, costumes, and the like. Or a fair close by. It seemed like this area in which I now live didn’t have those things – at least not within my (admittedly) somewhat narrow parameters.

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