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A few weeks ago, my aunt sent an email forward highlighting the “amazing powers of Blue Dawn.” Also a few weeks ago, a fellow blogger tried the Blue Dawn + Vinegar combination to clean her bathtub. She was happy with the results.

Not being one to jump into things (ok who am I kidding), I sat on this so-called miracle solution until I was sick of looking at my bathtub and ready to give it a try.

I looked online at some other blogs and couldn’t find an exact recipe, so here’s what I did:

  1. Take 1 Part Vinegar (heated for 30 seconds in microwave in microwave safe bowl) – I used 1 Cup,
  2. and 1 Part Blue Dawn (not heated) – also used 1 Cup.
  3. Pour Blue Dawn into Vinegar, mix gently with spoon.
  4. Pour into spray bottle and spray generously all over the bathtub/tile (or if you don’t have one, you could probably just dip a sponge into the bowl and smear it on that way).
  5. Use sponge/scrub pad to wipe it around the tub/walls.
  6. Rinse.
  7. Marvel at your shiny tub!

My tub wasn’t that dirty to begin with, but it did make a difference. Before cleaning with this, when I’d rub my hand along the side of the tub, I could feel a layer of grime that stuck there pretty much no matter how hard I tried to scrub it off. And the base of my tub has just the slightest bit of texture, and dirt got trapped down there too.



After spraying the solution (see why I needed to wipe it around?)



It also made the chrome sparkle with basically no effort! Just a spray and a wipe down.

Give it a shot!


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