BABY | My Birth Story

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was *thisclose* to giving birth. In one of our email discussions, she asked:

“How was labor???”

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HOME | Did It Work? Dawn + Vinegar Edition

A few weeks ago, my aunt sent an email forward highlighting the “amazing powers of Blue Dawn.” Also a few weeks ago, a fellow blogger tried the Blue Dawn + Vinegar combination to clean her bathtub. She was happy with the results.

Not being one to jump into things (ok who am I kidding), I sat on this so-called miracle solution until I was sick of looking at my bathtub and ready to give it a try.

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BE | Supporting Our Younger Selves

When my husband and I lived in Virginia, we went to a few high school football games of our friend’s cousin (who is now playing for Yale). I wrote the post below a little over 5 years ago, but I felt it still spoke accurately about teenagers today.

I hope when my daughter is at this age and stage of her life, I recall what it was like to be a teenager, and not only view her through my adult eyes. I have a feeling she’ll need more support than ever.

This was originally published September 12, 2009:

I went to a high school football game last night. The neighborhood was similar to that of my high school’s neighborhood… similar student body demographic. Initially I was excited (I loved high school and potentially want to be a high school teacher), but after a few minutes there, I had a different view of what was going on.

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