BE | Lessons Learned from Fitting Bras

A little over five years ago, I moved in with my then-boyfriend (now-husband) to a suburb of DC. At first, I was working from home with my job from Chicago. But I needed a job in my area, so I applied and took a job at a specialty bra store. I was hired as some sort of made-up position to help clean-up their processes, and during that time I also worked as a bra-fitter.

This job was short-lived, as on the Friday of my first week, I accepted a different job and gave my two weeks the following Monday. I only worked at this job for 3 weeks, but during that time, I learned quite a bit about women and how they view their bodies.

I wrote a blog post about it at the time, and I was thinking about it again this week. I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy.

Originally written August 27, 2009:

It’s strange, having a job for 3 weeks. It didn’t start out to be a 3 week job, but by the end of week one I had to give my two weeks.

The experience has definitely been unique, once in a lifetime almost. I’ve met some interesting people (to say the least), seen a LOT of different kinds of boobs (did I mention I was a bra fitter?), and learned that literally EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. has the same body issues. It’s insane.

I see probably 8 people a day. Each of these women looks physically different, is of a different socioeconomic class, is of a different age, and sure, it’s only been 14 days, but I’ve seen the gamut. The process with these women is the same. Take off your shirt. I’m going to measure you here. And then here. And then we’re going to try on some bras.

Let me tell you something. I got home from the first few days of fittings and fell in love with my breasts. I’ve never really been a huge fan. They’re not that big, not round, not this, not that, but I can tell you what they sure aren’t – a pain in my ass. Lucky (?) me, I don’t HAVE to wear a bra. I can manage walking around without one and it’s not going to ruin my back. I don’t HAVE to wear the proper band size because I don’t have a huge weight hanging on my torso. I have some sizing options. Not everyone does.

I can’t tell you some of the breasts I’ve seen. I don’t know (honestly, I don’t), how some women have these huge breasts attached to their bodies. It seems like such a burden, a huge weight (literally) on their shoulders… luckily I’ve helped them ALL to get a better fitting bra which does take that weight off and actually lifts them up above their waist (which, in case you didn’t know (surprisingly, most women don’t), is the POINT of a bra). It’s a huge change. I wish everyone knew the proper mechanics of bra fitting. There would be a lot more happy women (and probably men too!) out there.

I’ve heard women explain their problems, they’ve never been fit properly, no one can fit them, never worn the right bra, their boobs are too big, too small, too lopsided. They’re too fat, too thin, too small, too big. Everyone is ‘too’ something. I’ve maybe had a handful of people who come in who actually don’t say anything negative about themselves. It’s amazing how horrible these women feel about their bodies. “Do I really have to look in the mirror?” I wish I could help them with just my explaining to them how beautiful they really are, and how everyone has the same concerns/flaws (honestly, everyone I’ve seen, including myself, has that little bit of arm fat to the side of the bra strap. Get over it. It’s ok) and loving yourself the way you are does go a long way.

I don’t know what the point of this was, but maybe it was to help me get out these feelings about what I’ve been hearing for the past three weeks. I wish women would love themselves, love each other, see past the physical, but I know it’s hard. Just try to love yourself. It helps make life better.


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