HOME | Breakfast For Overnight Guests

My aunt is an incredible hostess. She has great style, intuition, and always has things perfect down to the last detail. It’s no wonder I soak up as much knowledge from her as possible when I am at one of her events!

One of her skills is putting out a great breakfast spread with minimal effort. I have taken many notes on this process and am happy to share them with you. Continue reading


BABY | Breastfeeding Surprises

It’s been a glorious few months with my beautiful baby girl, and I’ve been breastfeeding since the moment she was born. The colostrum was ready to go and she had a good latch. I figured this was going to be easy! And, overall, it has been. But, during the first few weeks I had my share of “issues” – things you think someone would have told me about.

Continue reading

DO | Updating Classic Side Chairs

Side Chair Main

I love Mid-Century Modern furniture. When my friend offered up 4 of these lovely side chairs for FREE, I jumped at the chance to have them. They were in need of a little TLC, and Husband didn’t necessarily see the value in them, but I did, and schlepped them back to our townhouse so I could tackle them once we made our cross-country move. Continue reading