EAT | Hosting a Spring Brunch

Spring is right around the corner! Most of us are pretty tired of this winter weather (though honestly, I couldn’t handle a life without cold and snow), so planning a bright brunch might be just what you need to get you out of these doldrums. Yes, I just said doldrums.

One of my favorite holidays is Easter. It’s probably pretty sacrilegious, because for me, it’s absolutely all about the food. And by food, I generally mean the candy.

Case in point: One year, my grandmother asked me what I wanted for Easter. All I wanted was jelly beans. She bought me a hurricane-style vase filled to the brim with jelly beans. I had those for weeks! It was amazing. One year I think I might do the same thing to our bathtub.

Last year, I hosted an “orphan’s brunch” at our home for our friends who don’t have family in town. It was a major success! Here is what I did to set up this event: Continue reading


DO | Day-Of Coordinator Emergency Kit

A few years ago I was in the midst of planning our wedding. I did everything without the help of a wedding planner, but I decided it was important to me to have a Day-Of-Coordinator. I knew myself well enough to know that I was capable of planning every last detail, but that I would want to be free of bothers on the actual day of my wedding. So, I hired someone to take care of those things for me.

That same year, I was the day-of-coordinator for a friend’s wedding. This was my first wedding at which I was not a guest, but a vendor, and I wanted to make sure I put all of my event-coordination and wedding planning knowledge into effect.

One of the things I knew wedding coordinators should have is an emergency kit. This helps the bride and bridal party (and sometimes other unprepared vendors) take care of unexpected surprises like a ripped hem, dead battery, bleeding groomsman (all of those things happened, not-surprisingly), and any number of things that may go wrong during a large event.

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DO | Chevron Pallet Table

Pallet Table

I like to work with wood. My grandfather was an architect and carpenter, my dad always worked with his hands and built things for me. Growing up, I had my dad’s tools at my disposal. Then I had tools at school (which, as an adult now, I wish I’d utilized more fully when I had access to them!). And now I have tools of my own. Not as complete a set as I’d like, but enough to do some fun things. This project had a good finish but a few lessons learned. Hopefully this will help you if you want to go down this path too. Continue reading