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CMG Cover

One of my friends in my office is having twins, and for her office baby shower, we were given her registry list. Being in the registry mindset again myself, and knowing they had a lot to prepare for, I thought I’d ask the mom-to-be which she’d prefer: A gift from the registry, a gift card to a store on her registry, or money.

She hemmed and hawed a little bit, trying to give me the “nice” answer of “Anything is great,” but I told her to give me the raw truth.

She said, “Money is king right now.”

And, since I found this awesome idea on Life As a Mom, I thought I’d give it a shot myself. It’d give me a chance to be creative, try something new, and give her a little surprise while I was at it.

Materials Needed:

  • Candy Box with liners/moulded shape inside
  • Tissue Paper (if your candy box doesn’t have liners)
  • Double Stick Tape/Pads
  • Money (see below for suggested breakdown for $40)
  • Wrapping Paper/Ribbon

My goal was to get a See’s Candy box with the paper liners (like in the Life As a Mom picture), but since I was late to the crafting game, getting to a See’s wasn’t going to happen. I had to settle for a Russell Stover box.


I decided the amount I wanted to spend (in this case, $40), and then divvied up the denominations so I’d have enough pieces of money to fill up the spaces in a candy box.

I went to the bank and withdrew the following (much to the confusion of my bank teller):

  • 2 $10 bills
  • 2 $5 bills
  • 2 $2 bills
  • 2 $1 bills
  • 2 $1 coins
  • 8 Quarters

I tried to get the newest, crispest bills and shiniest coins I could. At some point I had to give up and take what she gave me in terms of quarters since there was a line forming and I think she was getting a bit annoyed with me. Didn’t she know I was being CRAFTY?!

When I went home and started the project, I opened the candy box and much to my dismay, there weren’t liners at all. Instead, it was a plastic moulded base.

CMG Box Empty

I panicked for a minute but it was too late to get something else, so I improvised.

Since this box didn’t have paper liners, I made them myself. She’s having a boy and a girl, so I used pink and blue tissue paper to cut little liners.

CMG Box With Tissue

I filled the box with the liners, then did a dry run of placement for the money (see below). In each corner, I folded the bill to showcase that particular corner of the bill (the top left spot shows the top left corner of the $2 bill).

CMG Box Placement

Then, I started with the sticky pads.

CMG Double Sided Pad

I cut them into 6 pieces, and started with the coins.

I put one piece on the bottom of the coin, and stuck the coin to the designated piece of tissue.

CMG Sticky Coin

Then I flipped the tissue over, and put another sticky piece on the bottom of that.

CMG Sticky Tissue

I centered the coin in the middle of its spot in the box, and pushed it down.

For the paper money, I chose a corner to showcase, and then folded into a small square/rectangle. I put a small piece of sticky in the middle, and crimped the edges with my fingernail so it wouldn’t pop up when placed.

CMG Sticky Half Bill

I closed the bill, and placed another sticky on the bottom. I took the designated tissue piece out of the box, and stuck the bill to it.

CMG Sticky Folded Bill

Then I pushed it into the box.

When I was finished, there were still three spots open, so luckily I didn’t devour all the candy while I was putting this together and had a few pieces to fill in the empty spots.

When I was done, it more or less looked like this (I didn’t manage to get an after photo):

CMG Box Placement

It’s funnier if you put a cover over the “candy” so when they open the box they think it’s legitimately candy, so I kept the liner and little info card from the box when I opened it.

CMG Box With Inside Cover

I wrapped it with some pretty blue and white paper, tied it up with pink and blue ribbon, and it looked great. It was a hit at the shower!

What do you think? Have you done anything creative when gifting money?


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