BABY | First Time Baby Registry – Made Simple

First Time Baby Registry

Somehow, creating a registry for our baby was quite a monumental task. Planning a wedding or an event for 200 people is simple for me. This? Extremely difficult. In my previous post you can read all about my trials, tribulations, and mental anguish of finally being able to create a baby registry for this fetus growing inside of me.

In this post, you can scroll through the items I registered for so if you’re going through this process, you may be helped by what took me almost a year to figure out. You may also benefit from the helpful tidbits I learned from my friends who are parents of children whose ages range from 1 week old to 5 years old.

One thing that made it a bit easier was that we just moved into our house (ok, “just” means almost 2 years ago) and the room is already painted/carpeted/ready for furniture. I chose the wall paint color, doors, trim, and draperies based on things that I simply like, and not in an “Oooh maybe this will be a future child’s room” sort of way, because when you do that you end up with pink curtains and glitter and end up having a child who hates pink.

When you see “NPR” after an item, it’s not just a great radio station, but in this case means “New Parent Recommended” and was something specifically suggested from the parents I spoke with.

Another side note: any items I’m linking to in this post are not sponsored and most I haven’t actually used yet. I feel like I’m a pretty discerning shopper, and it took me a while to find these items. I thought I’d help you out and give you a start so you don’t have to wade through the massive piles of options.

My criteria when shopping:

  • Looks – First, I need to like how it looks. I don’t want to be looking at something I don’t like all the time.
  • Price – Second, it needs to be in my pricepoint. Otherwise, I’ll feel guilty for overspending, or asking someone else to overspend.
  • Reviews – Third, I check reviews. If other people don’t like it, I probably won’t either.

If all three criteria are there, then I choose it.

If I only get to choose two of the three, I go by price and reviews. I can handle ugly if it is functional and reasonably priced.

If I only get one, reviews are most important. I don’t care how cute it is if people say it stinks, and I’ll pay a little more for something of better quality.

Bedroom Furniture:

  • Crib (1)
  • Changing Table (1)
  • Dresser (1 – We already own it – just need to paint it)
  • Bookshelf (1 – We already own it – just need to paint it)
  • 5′ x 8′ Floor Rug (1 – The room is carpeted, but it’s cream and well, you know what kids do to carpets. I bet it’s going to be worse than what we’ve done to the carpet…)

Bedroom Furniture Accoutrements:

  • Crib Mattress – (1) Maybe I’m a bad mom-to-be but I just didn’t care about how expensive the crib mattress was. This one is a medium-priced one with good reviews.
  • Mattress Cover – (2) There are all sorts of types – this is another medium-priced/good review item.
  • Fitted Sheets – (5) I’ll spare you the other designs we chose. But how cute is this one?!
  • Waterproof Pads – (2 sets of 2) – NPR
  • Crib Quilt and Crib Skirt – (1 each) I don’t know if these two items are necessary, but they’re definitely cute.
  • Changing Table Pad – (1) I chose this one in particular for its reviews, but also because the top and bottom are “open” – I thought this might help for when the child gets a bit bigger. It may not make a difference, but that’s why I picked it.
  • Changing Pad Cover – (1) I will probably regret choosing a yellow one, but it will blend in with at least one bodily excrement.
  • Waterproof pads – (3 sets of 3) – NPR. I figure that should keep us set for about 2 days before having to do laundry.
  • Hamper – (1) Take a look at hampers online. The reviews are between horrible and awful. I ended up settling one that looks great for the room and seems like it’ll be the best choice for us. I liked others that had hard sides, but the reviews I read seemed to have the same problem – lids didn’t fit or they were made with toxic smelling paint. So, we’ll try the cloth sides. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.
  • Garbage Can – (1) Step can with a lid? Perfect for smelly things.
  • Baby Gates – (3) I went for the tallest, most in-stock ones I could find. Our dog can clear pretty much anything, so I thought I’d try to minimize that just in case.

Carrying Baby and Baby’s Things:
SO MANY CHOICES. I had to narrow down based on my criteria and then just pick what felt right from what was left.

  • Lightweight Stroller – (1) I wanted a simple, cheap, umbrella stroller that looks like a shark, but it got such horrible reviews that I looked elsewhere. This stroller is actually in my possession (thanks to a quick-gift-giving friend!). I’ve taken it out of the package and pushed around the house, and so far I like it. The wheels move easily, it seems sturdy, and it comes with a canopy. Plus, the handles are a bit higher which is good for my husband.
  • Stroller with Car Seat – (1 each) Once I narrowed things down by my criteria, there were still tons of options. I just picked one that I thought looked good. These are part of a “system,” so the car seat fits in the stroller, thus apparently making things easier on us. We’ll see about that.
  • Swing/Bouncer – (1) I’m not sure if we need this, but it seems like my friends have enjoyed having one of these around. I liked this one in particular because it swings, and then you can take the seat out and put it on the floor to bounce. Pretty sweet combo.
  • Pack N’Play (1) and Sheets – (1 set of 2) The name of this drives me nuts, but people seem to like them.
  • Sling/soft wrap: Mobi Wrap – (1) I spoke with one of my friends and a staff member in a baby store about these, and they both thought this was a great product. I chose black because what better color to show spit-ups! No really though – I didn’t want something bright, and I thought a lighter colored one would show stains.
  • Soft Carrier – This is one of those splurge items that seems to have everything. The staff member at the baby store suggested a carrier that also had a back support. This one has the  back support, it changes with the size of the baby, and allows for front and back facing carrying. Sold.
  • Diaper Bag – (1) Cleverly disguised as a purse – a splurge, but look how pretty!
  • Diaper Bag – (1) Cleverly disguised as a messenger bag – I thought my husband would be happier carrying this one around. Also, I chose this one for practical purposes. Watch the Skip Hop video in this item’s photo gallery, and see how it can attach to the stroller with little effort. My internal designer was impressed.

I mentioned in the last post that we’re planning on doing cloth diapering, but it’s been suggested to have some disposables on hand *justincase.* Makes me wonder what my grandparents did when there were no disposables!

  • Diaper Sprayer – (1) Attaches to your toilet to use with the diaper bucket.
  • Diaper Bucket – (1) To use with sprayer – rinse off the diapers in here before putting them in the laundry.

I also mentioned we’re planning on breastfeeding, but I was told to plan for the worst (meaning the breastfeeding doesn’t work) by having some formula on hand.

  • Breast Pump – (1) This is an item I had to narrow down by brand and price before choosing one.
  • Pumping Bra – (1) Because hey, why not?
  • Nursing Bra – (2) For those mid-sleep feedings
  • Feeding Pillow – (1) NPR. This one was recommended in particular because it clips behind your back, allowing you to move around with the baby while you’re feeding.
  • Feeding Pillow Covers (2) One to use, one to wash.
  • Twist Breastfeeding Starter Kit (bottles, etc.) – (1) This is pretty much the only item I chose based on the awesome 3D renderings. Let’s hope it works as well as it looks.
  • Twist Latch Feeding Nipples (2 sets of 2) – I’ve read infants don’t always respond to rubber nipple shapes in the same way, so you may need to buy multiple types to figure out what they want. I am going to give these a shot and if they don’t work, then I suppose we’ll get more.
  • Twist Pouches – Milk Storage Bags – (2 packs of 40) Stores the milk and then attaches right into the Twist bottles!
  • HPA Lanolin – (1) NPR. Helps with cracking nipples
  • Nursing Pads – (1 pack of 100) NPR. Helps with the leaks
  • Gel Pads– (4 packs of 2) NPR. Help with the soreness that comes from breastfeeding
  • Bottle Drying Rack – (2) I’ve seen the ones that look like grass, which look awesome, but I thought it might be more difficult to clean between the racks. This one looked a little easier and like it would get grungy less quickly.
  • Two types of organic formula – (1 each) NPR. I read an article on baby formula and it seems even the organic types have things in it that aren’t necessarily the best. I chose two that I thought were the lesser of the evils, so we’ll see if we even have to use it.

Food Storage
I’m going to try and make the baby’s food – I make a lot of things from scratch so this hopefully won’t be too much of a problem. There are “baby food makers” and other things that seem to me like glorified food processors. If you don’t have much in the way of kitchen appliances and are looking to make your baby’s food, you may want to get one of those machines. I have a pretty nice kitchen setup (tools-wise), so I am going to use what I have.

Feeding Time

  • High Chair – (1) NPR. I chose this one for multiple reasons. First, it is solid plastic which means it’s easy to wipe down and easy to keep clean. Others have padded sections that catch crumbs and don’t stay clean which is just kind of gross. Secondly, this transforms into a toddler chair as the child grows. Awesome!

This part was the most annoying, I think. Trying to buy clothes when you don’t know how big someone is going to be is kind of difficult. Some of this will probably be returned due to over-buying or the baby being larger than I’m thinking it will be.

  • Onesies With Full Zippers – (9 assorted) NPR. In addition to the items below, the full zip makes it easier to get these kids out of their own filth quickly in case their diaper explodes. Which apparently happens.
  • Shirts With Side Snaps – (1 set of 4) NPR. Another product made for ease of removal.
  • Swaddlers – (7 sets of 4) NPR. I have been the champion of many a baby gift with the swaddlers I’ve linked here due to their enormous size. In addition, the newer parents suggest having a bazillion of these at hand, so I figured 28 would be a good start.
  • Pre-swaddled Swaddlers – (2 sets of 2) NPR. I was told that sometimes, one parent or the other can’t get the hang of swaddling. These came in handy for them since they’re made to easily wrap up that little burrito and go.
  • I have more clothing on my registry – long-sleeved onesies and short-sleeved onesies in various sizes, hat/mitten sets, and sweatpants for a quick on/off. I could probably use more clothing on the registry, but I figure between what I’ll get without asking for it and what I have on the registry, it’ll keep the baby clothed until we can go to the store to get more things.
  • Flannel Blankets – (1 pack of 4) These are probably unnecessary considering the amount of swaddlers I have, but eh…
  • Burp Cloths – (1 pack of 4) Even with these, I’m resigning myself to the fact that my shoulders are going to be covered in puke.

Things to Bathe/Groom Our Child
Because apparently the kitchen sink just isn’t good enough anymore.

  • Baby Bathtub – (1) NPR. I chose this one on my own but a new parent told me it was a good choice.
  • Faucet Cover with temperature gauge – (1) This is an overkill item, but hey, I’ve smashed my head enough on the tub faucet to know it doesn’t feel good. Plus, this one tells you the temperature so you don’t make baby soup!
  • Washing Soaps/Creams/Etc. – (1 each)  I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so we’ll see which one(s) we get. I’ve found Aveeno and Burt’s Bees to be great products with adult things, so I figure it’ll be good for baby too.
  • Grooming Kit – (1) This is another thing where the reviews are generally horrible. This one didn’t look too bad, and it’s by the Red Cross so it can’t be too bad.

Additional Things We Need
Because it is a registry, after all.

  • Swivel Glider and Ottoman – (1) This is seriously not my favorite item on my registry. But, it’s also not $800, so I’m going to live with it. This is the choice I made after what felt like hours of searching through beautiful expensive things I knew I shouldn’t consider. But, it had two of my criteria – good reviews and in my price point. I have to overlook “looks” on this one.
  • Humidifier and Filter – (1 each) NPR. Turns out Colorado is a pretty dry state. Also turns out I needed a humidifier when I was an infant in Illinois. So perhaps this is just one of those items to have.
  • Monitor – Audio + Video – (1) After talking with my friends about this, some preferred video, some preferred audio only, and I didn’t know what to pick. I wanted both audio and video due to our home’s configuration (we spend a lot of time downstairs which isn’t exactly near the bedrooms, so video would be helpful). I looked through the reviews, and ended up choosing a brand I’m familiar with and a pricepoint that I felt was reasonable.
  • Temporal Artery Thermometer – (1) NPR. I had a thermometer on my list that read temp through the ear, and my mom-friend suggested this one instead. I took her advice.

Frivolous Things We Don’t Need
Because it is a registry, after all.

Well, hopefully that wasn’t too overwhelming. Typing it out again was kind of overwhelming, but once you get started you might get in a groove of “Add to Baby Registry.”

I’m no expert, but feel free to ask if you have questions!


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