BABY | Getting Through Making a Registry

We are a little over halfway along with our first child and we have been getting questions about our registry for weeks now. It may be because this is our first child, and also the first grandchild for our parents, and first great-grandchild to our grandparents, etc. You get the idea. People are excited about it and (luckily) want to buy us things.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re excited too. But have you ever created a baby registry? Do you know (or remember) how nervewracking it can be to choose items for the fetus growing inside of you when you have no clue where to start? I certainly was overwhelmed by the process. Which made me a bit nervous. “Overwhelmed by a registry?” I thought. “Wait until it’s born!” Plus, with all of the stories about this or that getting recalled, it’s no wonder I kept putting it off.

Perhaps it was the suggestion of getting presents (even though they’re not for me), but somehow I gave in and started making a list of things I thought this child might need.

We had been trying to have a baby for quite a while (a whole other can of worms), and during that process, I tried to educate myself on as many baby things as possible – without going crazy about not actually having a baby to buy them for. One of the things I did was search for “list of things baby needs” or “what you need for a newborn.” You know, the kind of general search terms that give you hundreds of items to scour through which make you want to cry.

I found what I thought was a good list which had a lot of things on it. (Unfortunately I didn’t save the website and can no longer find it!) The list wasn’t overkill and definitely wasn’t “buy everything as expensive as possible because the baby will love you more.” (Though that could be true.) That was my literal baby step into this world of baby items. And it was a good year ago.

Fast forward almost 9 months later when we learned our bodies had finally functioned properly and we were indeed going to have a child of our own! Squee!!

Once we were ok with telling a handful of people about the pregnancy (around 9 weeks for parents and 12 weeks for close friends/family), I contacted my friends who were both brand new parents and parents of toddlers to poll them on the items they had – strollers and high chairs and the like – so I would have a base to start from. We also spent a few hours at a baby store to look at their items in person which, as it turns out, is much scarier than doing it online. We talked to one of their “experts” about things like slings and carriers, and to see how big these strollers are in in real life. Turns out they’re enormous.

I started to get more comfortable with the necessities. I knew we’d need a registry eventually, so I started a list for myself with links to the items I liked. I thought something like MyRegistry would make sense, but I ended up with only three stores I was pulling from, so once I was ready to start I did the traditional “three website registry.” I also did it to make it easier for those people not local to us (which is basically everyone in our family and most of our friends) in case they wanted to go into the store to pick things out instead of buying online. If you’re local to your family, it might make more sense to go with the type of registry where you can collate different local stores.

Truth be told, once I got over this process being scary, I had fun with it. I even added a frivolous rocking horse to the registry (which we ended up getting and is pretty cute…).

What I have to say was the absolute worst item for me to choose was a swivel glider. Google this and you’ll see what I mean if you have anything resembling taste and also a budget. The classy looking ones are in the neighborhood of $800+. Whether we’d end up buying that ourselves or asking someone else to get it for us, I just wasn’t ok with that price point. I looked for chairs in lower price points which, as you can imagine, were pretty darn unattractive with some being downright ugly. I’ve done some reupholstering but don’t have the patience right now to get a used chair and recover it. So, I ended up settling on a chair I wouldn’t choose if I didn’t have a budget, but it will look ok in the nursery and also comes with an ottoman. Bonus!

My mother-in-law sent me a very helpful blog post that lists some of the things people don’t think to purchase for new moms, but that they will need for recovery. I pulled a few things from this post and it sounds like they’ll all be very helpful.

I finally bit the bullet and made my registries. Before I sent them to our parents, I asked my mom-friend to review it to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, and also to make sure I wasn’t being overly crazy with the items on there. She said it was great overall and gave me a few suggestions for items to switch out based on her experience (which I did).

Whew! Now comes the waiting… one friend bought us our “lightweight” stroller already, and let me tell you, I see some hand weights in my future if that is considered lightweight.

See the next post for the items on the registry. Hopefully you’ll get some use out of it!


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