DO | Grocery Services

I just got home from picking up my groceries at the local Kroger store. I drove up, gave them a call, and out they came with my pre-ordered, pre-paid groceries. This service has been a life-saver. I don’t always shop this way, but, with two rowdy toddlers, going to the store for a huge shopping trip isn’t always easy. Or preferable.

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TODDLER | Books We Love 22-24 mos AND 4yo-Q1

Whoosh. There it goes. My youngest is now 2 years old. He’s the cutest bull in a china shop you’ll ever meet. And to make bedtime reading easier these last few months, we brought everyone into his room instead of reading in his sister’s room. He’s no longer touching her stuff, she’s no longer yelling, and I can read in more peace than before.

This also means my 4yo daughter hasn’t been getting the higher level stories at bedtime, and she doesn’t really nap anymore so story time is basically at bedtime now, but everyone has been relatively quiet and cooperative and that was more important at this juncture.

That means this is really a dual post – as they’ve both been hearing and enjoying the same stories. Here goes.

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EAT | Crabapple Josta Berry Bread

At the park up the street we have some beautiful crabapple trees. A few months ago they started blossoming and producing some gorgeous apples. While at the park one day, and with my grocery bags available (I keep them on hand as poop pick up bags) I decided to pluck some of this fruit and take it home.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 3.29.13 PM.png

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DO | Preschool Prep

My eldest child went to preschool for the first time last week and, despite my anticipation, she did great!

The class is a mix of both 3 and 4 years olds, so she was eligible to go last year since she was 3 by the deadline. At the time, I wasn’t emotionally ready to send her into the arms of someone else and since I didn’t have to, we spent last fall doing research on which preschool would be best for us.

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BABY | Books We Love 19-21 mos

My little boy is a few months shy of turning 2, and, in a stark contrast to his sister, his speech skills have been slow to develop. Once I realized this, I started ramping up the one-on-one book time with books that my daughter had loved, and I found some new ones for his comprehension level.

I also focused on teaching words by breaking them into syllables, individual sounds, simple words, having him pick out photos in a book, among other things – and not only at story time. It’s improved his speech slightly but there’s still work to be done.

Every kid develops differently, and this little dare-devil focused on his motor skills first. Which is fine, considering how much he loves to move and play. Speech will come, I know, and in the interim I will continue to help him learn and practice and get those words out of his busy little brain. Just within the last week he’s said more new words than ever, so my hopes are high!

Here are the books he enjoyed and that helped him make some progress:

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